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"How to Hack"podcast - Anna Schürrle about nutrition

Since November 2018 the successful podcast series “How to Hack” is available. The wonderful Tijen Onaran and Entrepreneuer, Author and Writer herself,  hosts this podcast


Successful founders, doers and creatives talk about revealing learnings from jobs, about heir careers and give useful tips and hacks around the working life. 


In the 84th episode Anna celebrates her podcast debut and talks about the topic of nutrition, her philosophy and her company with the latest addition, the Health Bar App. 


How many grams of proteins are necessary per day or is it necessary to count at all? 

See further down the full episode and get inspiring answers about Annas Journey and why her Banana Bread is so famous.

#84 Anna Schürrle über Ernährung Business Punk - How to Hack
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