The 4 biggest causes of climate change

By now everyone should be aware that climate change is not fake news, but unfortunately a bitter record of human trade.

In order to understand how it could get this far, we have put together the 4 biggest polluters for you. It is important not only to talk about climate change and its effects, but also its causes and consequences.

Create more clarity for yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

1. Energy industry

The release of greenhouse gases and air pollutants results from the conversion of energy e.g. in electricity and heat. Unfortunately, most of the electricity is still generated from coal-fired power plants and fossil fuels instead of renewable energies. The energy industry is the sector with the most CO² emissions in the world.

2. Other industrial combustion

This mainly includes the incineration of waste. Plastic is difficult to recycle, but is produced in large quantities because it can be cheaply produced in any form. Unfortunately, plastic has become indispensable in all areas of life and is used, for example, as packaging material or is often used by corporations in the form of microplastics in textiles and cosmetics. Ultimately, plastic always ends up as rubbish in the environment and is difficult to decompose.

3. Animal industry

The agricultural land is mainly used for animal husbandry and animal feed. Approximately 90% of the soy grown is used to feed livestock for factory farming. For this purpose, forests are cut down year after year all over the world, especially in the Amazon. If the Amazon continues to be cut down, it will only resemble a savannah in 2 years. The lungs of the world will no longer be able to recover.

The digestive process and the excretions of the animals (sheep and cattle) also produce pollutants such as laughing gas and methane. Methane is many times more harmful than CO2.

"The animal industry damages the climate significantly."

4. Transport

Today we have the opportunity to travel by plane, car or train cheaper and faster than ever. The cheap prices of the travel providers attract us to national and international short trips. It is therefore not surprising that Ryanair is the 10th largest polluter in the world. The average number of trips per capita is at its highest.