Living trends 2020

What is the focus and what are the highlights for our home

Living, furnishing and decorating are important components when it comes to your own four walls. After all, everything is an expression of our personality and reflects how we feel most comfortable. 2019 was an expression of "slow living". And this trend will apparently continue to play a major role in 2020 and will even develop further.


Interior designer Iwetta Ullenboom gives us her style forecast for 2020:


“Well-being and cosiness at home seem to be one of the biggest interior design trends of the decade. The design of the interiors should appear harmonious and clear and the use of nature-inspired materials and colors strongly follows the idea of ​​home-as-sanctuary.

Objects made of honest, natural materials that have a handmade, not entirely perfect character remain in trend: such as Ceramic accessories, untreated metals, recycled fabrics, braided carpets. Sustainability is also a focus here, which people like to set. "

"Natural materials remain in trend."


Plants give the whole thing more personality. You decorate according to the motto: the bigger the better! Nature should get a noticeable entry.

In the world of color, we will probably see more of the soft, nature-inspired tones. Less a cool gray, but more earthy, warmer colors. Here I see an off-white, ocher, terracotta, beige in combination with rich accent colors like a classic blue or dark mint green.


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