The Journal by Anna Schürrle

Infused Water

The health benefits of drinking infused water

Two to three liters of water are recommended daily to provide your body with sufficient fluids. After all, 50-70 percent of our body is water. If we do not replenish our water supply again and again, individual processes and body functions no longer work as well, which affects our health.

There are some who find pure water boring in the long run, and the hydration usually suffers as a result. A simple solution is to drink infused water!


Two advantages of infused water:

1. It gives the water a different taste, which we can determine depending on the addition of herbs, spices, vegetables and fruit.

2. The ingredients also provide us with valuable and important nutrients.

"The solution is easy: Infused Water!"

Preparation is easy:

1. Take the vegetables and/or fruits of your choice, wash them thoroughly, cut them into small pieces or slices and place them in a large jar glass.

2. Use a wooden spoon to crush the contents a little.

3. Now add the spices/herbs. The essential oils of leaves, for example, develop better if you also crush them a little. 

4. Fill the jar glass with water and stir the contents with the wooden spoon. The water is immediately drinkable.


These ingredients go well together:

  • Grapefruit, pomegranate, mint

  • Grapefruit, cucumber, mint, lemon

  • Mint, lime, ginger

  • Blueberries, rosemary, lemon

  • Water melon, basil