Sustainable and stylish brands

The fashion industry is slowly but surely going through a change.

It is not only important to love the environment to do without fast fashion in the long term, but also to stand up for fair pay and better working conditions!

More and more small as well as big brands are rethinking and hopefully soon bring about the decisive change in the entire fashion industry.

Today we present you some fashion brands, which combine quality, material and sustainability in their label and should definitely be supported! Those who rely on these attributes do not have to do without trend pieces.


We can all be part of a big movement and help change something!


1. Attire – the studio

Attire was founded by Xenia Adonts and Jürgen Mathies, who no longer wanted to accept the ignorance of big brands and who stand for sustainable, high-quality fashion with their label Attire. Xenia has been an integral part of the fashion industry for several years. Apparently she has achieved everything she dreamed of. All the more impressive is her will to be someone who causes change in thinking through change.

2. Zazi Vintage

Founder Jeanne de Kroon took her inspiration from India and made the world a better place with her Zazi Vintage label. Zazi Vintage supports women in India who are responsible for the production of every single piece. Jeanne has sustainable production in several countries and stands for better working conditions. Her unique pieces are handmade and made with great attention to detail.

"We can all be part of a movement and change something."

3. Julia Leifert

Julia Leifert is a vegan. Her philosophy is 100% reflected in her label. For her collections, she only uses vegan materials and stands for animal welfare. She produces in Europe and tries to use local family businesses here.

4. Second hand

Second hand also means fair fashion - not allowing waste and reusing or recycling as much as possible to relieve the environment and nature.

Vestiare Collective is a large online retailer that also offers design classics. The service checks for authenticity before dispatch.

5. Net-a-porter / Net sustain

The luxury mail order company Net-a-porter now has a great section called "net sustain". Here you can find brands that produce sustainably and thus also come across niche brands that have a special quality and history. More of that!