Vintage stores

My 3 favorite vintage stores in New York

From rare designer finds to minimalist fashion classics to extravagant ones 90’s Pieces: In New York City, vintage lovers of all styles will find what they're looking for! While you can’t avoid well-known stores like Beacon’s Closet, L Train Vintage and 10ft Single by Stella Dallas, I particularly noticed three smaller, niche and quite perfectly curated shops during my past stay in New York. Who is now listening and has already planned the next NYC trip, should now quickly complete his to do list…


Vintage Shopping Reimagined: The Break



Contrary to the Thrift Store cliché of crowded clothes rails and charming chaos, The Break combines everything that is still a rarity in the world of second-hand shopping: A boutique-like character in an urban and minimalist style meets clean designs and neutral shades. So The Break has found his very own niche in New York's diverse second-hand landscape. And also is the perfect point of contact for all those who still occasionally fall into # OldCéline nostalgia and with a second-hand alternativ looking for contemporary designs and affordable prices.

The Cool Kid: James Veloria



A visit to James Veloria is truly an activity and an experience in itself. Hidden in the

second floor of a small mall in Chinatown under Manhattan Bridge, you’ll find this store only if you are explicitly looking for it. Once you have mastered this milestone, you will find in the coolest vintage store in New York. From Vivienne Westwood to Gucci to Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier, Collin James and Brandon Veloria leave the

the hearts of all design lovers beat faster with their eccentric brand selection.


For All The Accessories: Awoke Vintage



If you're looking for vintage classics like Levi's jeans, dungarees and corduroy pants, but having less desire to rummage through boxes and clothes rails, is exactly right here. Because: completely true to the motto "it’s all in the details", Awoke is known for its carefully curated selection and also has the best jewelry and accessory range in NYC - at least if it's up to me! From diverse chunky hoops in gold and silver (PS: all earrings cost only $ 28) to retro XL sunglasses and glittering hair clips, Awoke Vintage is something for absolutely all accessory fanatics.